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You have awoken in a strange place. Looking around you discover it was the famous animal trapper Old John Gill that kidnapped you. You are his first group of humans he as ever trapped. There is a way out, but not an easy one!



Mr. Cochrin, your long time friend, has mysteriously passed away. You are instructed to bring your friends to his estate. Will you be able to solve the puzzles that lay ahead to earn a portion of his wealth and good fortune?


Team Building


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an escape room?

    You’re locked in a room with your team. You will all need to work together to solve riddles, puzzles, ciphers all within the specified time. These rooms are themed and specifically set up with anything from secret compartments, to hidden messages. You never know what you will find. Everything you need to get out in time is provided for you within the room.


  • Is it meant to be haunted?

    Although some escape rooms are designed to be haunted, ours are not. At least not until Halloween! If we do a haunted themed room, we will make it known.


  • Do I need to bring anything with me? If so, what?

    All you need to bring is you and your team. All of whom should be dedicated to getting out on time. We ask that you do not bring any outside tools.


  • Can I bring a baby or my young children?

    Honestly, we aren’t going to tell you no. However, we made the mistake of bringing a toddler once. We’ll just say … never again. It can really hinder your ability to think and solve the clues.  

    Yes, you can bring your baby or young child, but it is not recommended. A good idea with a young baby, if the babysitter falls through, is put them in a baby carrier. We would prefer you book a private room so as not to hinder other player’s experience.


  • Will I be teamed up with complete strangers?

    Sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t. There are a total of 10 to 12 slots available for each booking.  Hey, it’s a fun way to meet people! On the other hand sometimes other people don’t fill that booking.


  • Will I be doing strenuous work?

    There is no manual labor involved, no jumping, or climbing. There will be some walking around, and possibly scratching your head, but you shouldn’t even break a sweat!


  • Will there be any actors joining us in the room?

    We do not have live actors; you are the only people in the room. We have two-way audio and cameras to communicate with you.

  • What is your plan if there’s an emergency? Like a fire, how will we get out?

    Put your mind at ease although you are locked in we do have clearly labeled emergency exit buttons in each room.


  • What could I get out of this?

    There are many answers to this question. A fun group date,  a successfully completed challenge, a bald spot in your hair (from scratching your head, we promise we won’t shave you), but most likely a fun time! Another thing escape rooms are great for  team building activities for small offices and corporations. Escape rooms are great challenges that bring all sorts of people together and can bring out people’s strengths and weaknesses. This is a fun family event an great for birthdays!


  • What type of people would be interested in an escape room?

    Escape rooms are great for all types of people, however, we know they are a favorite activity for game enthusiasts, people who love to challenge their mind, groups of couples looking for a fun activity, families wanting to take on the challenge, and also visitors in town wanting to try something new.


  • Is the room small?

    Each themed room is a different size. We have made sure there is a comfortable open space for all when the maximum number of players is reached. 


  • Could someone with claustrophobia attend an escape room?

    Enter escape room at your own risk, however, we  make sure the room is a comfortable size. There is always the option to help someone out at any time in case of emergency.


  • Could a pregnant woman attend an escape room?

    Most definitely. The only thing that may hurt is your brain (so add that to the list of aches and pains right?) None of our escape rooms will require strenuous work or difficult challenges for the body.


  • Do you accept walk-ins?

    Please understand we do bookings online and we may not always have a time slot available, however we will do our best to accommodate!


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