Our Team


Hey I’m Nadia,

I am a Mom of an adventurous toddler and young baby, and wife to a wonderful Active Duty Airman. Doing things that involve being physically and mentally fit are some of my favorite things to do. What interests me most are puzzles and challenging my brain. I'm excited to share these adventures with you!


Hey Y'all I'm Camron,

I'm married to a beautiful woman (yes it’s Nadia), and together we have the cutest little girl and now son! I've always had a passion for solving problems and figuring out puzzles, so the concept of starting an escape room really drew me in. I like the satisfaction of successfully completing escape rooms. I want to give that same feeling of accomplishment and share the fun with everyone. Hope y'all come check us out!


Hi I'm Stacy,

I enjoy being outdoors in nature exploring and discovering new places. At first, I was hesitant to try an escape room. Afterwards, I realized how much fun the experience was and how enjoyable it was to make such great memories with my family. I really enjoy creating challenging puzzles and watching people complete them!


Hi everyone my name is Taelynn,


I used to be the youngest manager here at Lost and Locked In, but now my younger brother Daxton has taken over that role. I love coming to work and helping build things (or take them apart). You might see me around from time to time as I come in and make sure things are running smoothly.


Hey Im Daxton!


I finally made it out of my Escape Womb with just 3 days to spare! Being the newest addition to the Team at Lost and Locked In, I am still learning the ins and outs of it all. luckily I have my big sis to watch out for me and show me the ropes.