Team Building Experiences


There’s no better way to get co-workers collaborating and interacting together outside of the workplace than our escape room adventures.

As a great Morale and Team Building experience, our escape rooms create the perfect fun filled mystery to CAPTIVATE and ENGAGE even the most timid. It‘s a game that requires some of the most basic, yet essential skills like brainstorming, listening, and following instructions.  We offer the opportunity for colleagues to utilize their instincts, their individual strengths,  and to share their skills with one another. It has been specifically designed to enhance your team’s communication and ability to collectively work together creating the perfect synergy to solve the mysteries and escape the room within 60 minutes.


What to Expect: Plan on 90 minutes

With the following breakdown:


  • 10 minutes with senior staff for introduction of the game and a briefing  

  • 60 Minutes to be Lost and Locked into a new world working to solve puzzles, uncover clues and crack codes that will guide your team to freedom

  • 15 minutes for Debriefing: analyzing the solutions and the events leading up to your team’s results  

  • 5 minutes for some fun group pictures