Before You Book


All tickets cost $25 per person regardless of age.

Please ensure that your group arrives FIFTEEN minutes before your scheduled room’s start time. The experience begins exactly at the scheduled time. If any one person shows up fifteen minutes after the start time they will be turned away. If the group shows up fifteen minutes late, you will be considered a no show and no credits will be given. If you have booked the entire room, you may continue to play, however, the amount of time is removed from the clock.

Cancellation Policy: We DO NOT give refunds. We can, however, reschedule your booking for a later time. You must give us at least FOUR hours notice if you would like to cancel and reschedule. In the case less people are attending the game than you originally booked for, the price difference WILL NOT be credited.

Other people may be in the room with you. Each room holds a specific amount of people and may not be surpassed due to safety reasons.

Players may be from the age of seven and up. Younger ages are not allowed in our escape rooms. Children ages seven to thirteen MUST have an adult accompany them in the escape room.

We do not handle cash.

Please SIGN A WAIVER. If players are under the age of eighteen a parent or guardian will sign the waiver for them. Please provide accurate contact information.